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Get PAID using Your Talents Live on Webcam at Home

Get PAID using Your Talents Live on Webcam at Home

Get PAID utilizing your own everyday talents live on webcam! Whether you're an amatuer model (nude or non nude!) with little to no experience, exotic dancer i, stripper, dance / exercise instructor, pyschic reader, business advisor, you can all earn big money at home.

So no matter what your special talent is you can now earn $20 to $100+ per hour, or $500 to $2500+ weekly right from your own home with an internet connection and of all it costs nothing to work with us EVER!!!!
Nude and Non-nude Positions are available!
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Becoming a Webcam Model

Becoming a Webcam Model

Being a webcam model has many perks and benefits. There are many ways of getting into the business. There's so many small bits of info. Here we give you some things to think about when signing on as a web cam model.

Becoming a webcam model whether male or female can be confusing sometimes. You no doubt have some detailed questions. How do you get paid? So let's go over some common misconceptions and make sure we clear those up.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't really need to be a super model or have a certain body type or look to work at home as a web cam performer. All ethnicity types are more than welcome to apply and can easily make as much money as anyone else. As long as you are above the age of 18, take pretty care of yourself,and have a good positive energy / persionality, you will do well. Models from generally from 18 to 45+ see great results on our network. prefers models of all ages so please don't think that it will be an issue for you or your potential earnings. The great thing about our network is the fact we get GREAT targeted traffic for ALL of our niches and we know how to keep the boys coming back for more!

If you are willing to put forth a bit of effort, don't mind working from home on webcam, this industry can seriously make you a lot of extra money (part-time hours) or a ton of money that could easily become a full time income. [Read More]

Apply online, visit:

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Live Chat Models Apply Now!

Beyond Sexy Live Jasmin is Looking for Webcam Models!!

If Your Over 18 and Looking to Get Into Webcam Modeling this Sign up now to take advantage of our many lucrative bonus offers!

Why the Beyond Sexy LiveJasmin Network?

  • We have the highest Traffic ranking of ANY cam site in the world! The sheer numbers of ACTIVE PAYING members (over 1 Million) assures you will have GREAT earnings.

  • Rest assure YOU'RE SECURE! With our user friendly model login system, you can quickly and easily block any region in the world from seeing you on our network. Our system works with MAC and PC!

  • Model from home anywhere in the world or at one of our many studios throughout the United States!

  • Work your own flexible schedule! No more flack about how many hours you work. Perform How much you want, when you want.

  • Take Advantage of the many bonuses we give out every period to top models in EVERY CATEGORY / NICHE!

  • Make money even while offline with our many video clip outlets, make money by answering online text messages from clients, receive tips, many many features!

  • GET PAID on time. Bi-weekly Pay GUARANTEED

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    How to be a Successful Web Cam Model

    Adult Webcam Modeling Tips

    Web Cam MOdels make tons of cash
    Ready to be an adult webcam / live chat model? Working as a web cam performer allows you to live a lifestyle most people don't even realize is possible. You get to set your own hours, earn large amounts of money for your time and have fun doing it all from the comfort of your home. We're always here to support. Here's a few tips that may help some models out. You can never make "too much". :) Here's we will be posting new tips that work for our models that you can implement into your performance to give you that extra cheese you've been looking for.

    1. Communicate well. Communication is KEY in pretty much all aspects of live in terms of efficiency and getting the best results. We support many languages (over 32). Being able to talk and interact verbally with clients will ALWAYS get your clients more engaged and want to spend more time with you.

    2. Get on cam to have FUN. Don't get on Cam to Make Money. Have Fun, and you will Make Money. Smile. Get "into character". You want everyone to feel how much a good time they will have with you. Nobody wants a "party pooper" who doesn't enjoy life. lol..

    3. If you don't already, make you sure you have a few toys, etc., close by. Show clients some of your "equipment"and they'll see that it will be more than exciting.

    4. Hold your clients accountable. Let them know when you get online, when you come back from lunch. Letting your clients know when you will be back online, you'll be surprised how many come back to see you exactly the time / day you told them.

    5. Learning the "real" names of client/members can be a huge advantage as well, Try to memorize or write names of clients/ members down on a notepad. Use this tactic often when they come back so they will be impressed that you remembered them. It's all about being personable and fulfill the fantasy of many members of being able to meet a girl like you. :)

    6. Its very important to have your hair, makeup and clothing put together well. It's modeling, so you definitely want to look your best. Definitely recommended to take a look around at the models in your respective category and check out how they set up their room, etc..

    7. Keeping your room clean and clutter free always gets the best results.
    8. [READ MORE-->]
  • Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Become a Video Text Chat Operator

    Video Text Chat Operator
    Webcam Positions are Now Available

    Have you been looking for video text chat operator jobs?

    We're looking for models that love to chat online, by either text chat, chat witmicrophones,and/ or video chat. Earn $500 to $2500 weekly just doing what you do best and interacting with people online. This is perfect for you!

    We have both Nude and Non-Nude Positions Available!

    Make your own Hours - Flexible Schedule!

    Work from Wherever You Have an Computer with a Internet Connection and a webcam!

    Video Text Chat Operator Jobs are Becoming One of the Hottest Work from Home Positions Around...Are YOU Ready to Get Started? Apply Now!

    Top 5 Reasons to Become a Webcam Model

    Here's the Top 5 Reasons to Become a Webcam Model.

    1.) You Get to Work from Home or our studio and set your own schedule. Enjoy free time for whatever!

    2.) This is about the safest job you will ever have! Block any area from viewing you on our site for discrete purposes. Your privay is very important to us.

    3.) You GET PAID ALOT :)

    4.) Never have to worry about job security. As long as you follow the basic rules, never look over your shoulders again!

    5.) We help you do it! We have a great staff and training guide to get you rolling!

    Get PAID To do what you ENJOY!

    Get started TODAY -

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Fetish Girls & Role Playing Girls

    Fetish Girls & Role Playing Girls Wanted

    Work from Home as a Fetish Cam Model and make $500 to $2500+ per week! Are You a Dominant Mistress that wants to be spoiled? Pantyhose Goddess? Greedy Gold Digger? Like to be tickled?? Have beautiful feet to show off?

    Make money doing what you do best!

    Apply Now @

    Fetish Live Chat Jobs here at

    Must Be Over 18 to Apply

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Is Webcam Work Safe & Legit? Are Cam Girl Jobs Real Money in the Bank?

    Is Webcam Work Safe & Legit? Are Cam Girl Jobs Real Money in the Bank?

    Is this legit work, Webcam Modeling from Home?

    Absolutely. Performing on a webcam from your home is 100% legal in all 50 states in the U.S. and around the world as long as the adult cam model performer is age 18 or over. In fact many models use this line of work to really gain time, leverage, and cash as they take on even more control of their lives. Working with us is really like being your own boss, but with support of a network / community of successful models and staff to help guide you along the way! Never worry about promoting yourself in order to get traffic. We have tons of traffic as you will have clients paying you immediately. Get paid on time every 2 weeks like any secure steady job, but with the freedom of your own flexible schedule.

    What does it take to be successful in the adult webcamming business?
    Like any goal you set, you've got to commit. First and foremost, you have to schedule and set apart time to perform online. Most of our models convert at least 50% of their time in premium / private chat sessions. With models averaging between $1.00 to $4.00+ per minute (you can choose your own rate!), from $30 to $150+per hourly, $500 to $2500+ weekly, and between $2,000 to 10,000+ monthly.

    Keep this in mind when you start making out your schedule. You'll know how many hours you want to dedicate and then stick to them as best you can. The more consistent you are online, the better off you will be. Alot of our models make more performing part-time, than they would earn at any of their recent full-time jobs. Working at least 15 hours or more at least at first is highly recommended to give yourself a chance to earn big bucks.

    Keep a great personality and energy. As you get more comfortable with your performance, try and keep it fresh and HAVE FUN!!

    Ask questions, we're always here to help you get the best results!

    How often do I need to perform?
    Models can make their own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want. Models who consistently do well with us, average around 15 plus hours or more weekly. These models also focus on building their respective client lists. .

    What system and software specifications are required?
    All you need is a modern computer that's connected to the internet. If you're able to run You tube video pretty well, you've more than likley able to run our system. Easily login to our system from your favorite web browser. No installation required, no downloading anything, that gives you incredible control over your webcam chat room and provides you with state-of-the-art video quality.

    Are there any specific things that I can't do in my room?
    Yeah we have some basic rules - You can't do anything that's illegal, such as bestiality, incest (real or implied), anything to do with pedophilia or underage models (this includes child role playing), or anything else that fits "illegal". You can't contact clients AND make dates off the site, or use it to act as your own personal 'escort service'. Explicit nudity in "free" chat areas is also NOT permitted.

    Do I have to live in the USA to Become a Cam Girl? Do you accept Internetional Models?
    No you do not have to live in the USA. You can work from anywhere in the world. YES, we are accepting new International models. We support over 32 languages with translations!

    How much will I be paid?
    We pride ourselves on providing more money-making opportunities for models than any other webcam site on the Net. Ultimately, you will determine, by how many hours you perform, and how much you want it. We certainly don't want to put a ceiling over you. But our models average between $1.00 to $4.00+ per minute (you can choose your own rate!), from $30 to $150+per hourly, $500 to $2500+ weekly, and between $2,000 to 10,000+ monthly. You can also earn bonuses and large cash prizes through our daily, weekly, and monthly regular incentive programs. [READ MORE-->]

    Apply Online Now @

    What exactly is Webcam Modeling?

    What exactly is Webcam Modeling?

    Becoming a webcam model isn't as difficult as you might think. With support and guides, you can easily discover the small things that really make a huge difference. First, Read through this simple online guide to becoming a male or female cam model today. Any dedicated adult looking to work at 15 hours per week can be extremely successful at it!

    What Is Webcam Modeling?

    Webcam modeling is a live performer (solo girl / guy, or transsexual) or performers (couple or group consisting of 3 or more web cam performers) having fun on a computer with a webcam, chatting and interacting with members / clients. Webcam models usually flirt and seduce clients in what's called 'free chat'. Members then take model to private sessions where you guys get to know each more.

    All models have the choice to interact with clients by 'cam to cam' or not. The interaction between you can be anywhere from pillow talking, romance, fetish, stripping, to sex shows. It's up to you. It is up to the performer to do what you want and are able to do for your members.

    You keep that person entertained until the time is up and then, wash, rinse, repeat. There's an unlimited amount of members that can enter your room at the same time but only one member can type to you. After your private chat session is over, you will have time to get dressed and head out to free chat for another member to take you private. During this countdown to free chat, members are able to still enter your chat room. If they do, private chat will continue with that member.

    You can work with your own style, and niche. When you fill out your profile, you will specify what you are willing to do for your clients and we will put you in the correct category. Feel free to browse around our site and see what other models in your presumed category are doing.

    We bring you the clients and traffic, with our web 2.0 user-friendly model log-in system, all you need to do is log-on consistent hours (part-time or full-time / 15 hours or more per week is recommended).

    Becoming a webcam model with us is simple.

    Who Can Be a Webcam Model?

    Anyone who is at least 18 years old and over. Just by reading this indicates that you probably already have the outgoing personality that it takes to be a great webcam model. There are opportunities and cam modeling positions for men, women, couples, gay men and women, groups of people, and transgendered/transsexual/transvestites. It doesn’t matter what you look like (size, shape, or color) because there are people out there who think you are attractive and are looking for someone just like you to interact with live on webcam. We make the process of becoming a live webcam model simple and painless.

    Can I block certain areas? What about security? I want to be discrete.

    Your privacy is VERY important to us. Models have the ability AT ANY TIME to block certain states, cities, or countries so that they can’t ever see your camera or find you online. So your privacy is assured!!!

    What Do I Need to be a Webcam Model? Any Special Equipment needed?

    You will need a computer (macs or pcs work great with our system), a webcam, an internet connection (Hi-speed broadband, cable / dsl is preferred), and a place to perform (either one of our studios, or from your location). We have everything you need to perform at our studios. If you decide to work from home or another location of your choosing, you'll need a room where you can be alone without distractions. Most people set up their computers in a bedroom / living room, dorm room, or sometime a home office. But wherever you feel the most comfortable will be cool. If you need assistance, our support staff can help you with your setup.

    Ready to Get Started?? Apply Online Today by Clicking Here

    Ran by Web cam Models FOR Webcam Models!

    Get PAID WELL and ON TIME!

    Here at Beyond Sexy LiveJasmin we are ran from top to bottom with staff who carry years (at least 4 years) of web cam modeling experience. We value the time our models put in, and want to make sure you are successful. Our clients/members treat our models and chat experts with class and respect.

    Saftey / Control

    Our Webcam model login system is set up so all models can control what geographical areas / regions you want in real-time. You can control what features to participate in. We offer both Nude and Non-nude web cam and live chat positions. We have tech support live online 24 hours daily. We are very active in our webcam community so we understand how to keep a loving respectful online cam community.

    Training / Support

    Anyone who is at least 18 years old and over, with a nice look as well as an outgoing personality. Whether you have experience as a live chat or web cam model, we have training guides and our entire staff consists of successful models themselves. Our tech support staff is online 24 hours daily in case you have questions about your account. There are opportunities and cam modeling positions for men, women, couples, gay men and women, groups of people, and transgendered/transsexual/transvestites. We make the process of becoming a live webcam model simple and straight to the point. Get activated within 24 hours, 7 days a week!

    Profitability / Features

    It's Simple, we have a great compensation and payment system for models!!Choose your OWN rates! GET PAID to communicate with your own clients by responding to text messages sent online on our network. We have Private Chat, Group Chat, and Voyeur premium Chat Sessions.

    We have a TIPS feature that ANY member can PAY YOU ANYTIME, ANY Amount. Get paid even while you're OFFLINE when you record short movie clips to sell to members. Another way of making extra RESIDUAL money referring other models to join our network.

    Models get bonuses EVERY PAY PERIOD when you rank in the top 20 in your respective category (asian, blonde, bbw, fetish, etc..)

    Get paid up to 36% of what models YOU REFER make! (models get paid the same regardless, as you do not take money from them, its only as an extra bonus. Refer as many models as you want. We also have a 2nd tier referral program for models as You will also make up to 18% of what your referred models make when THEY refer a model.

    So What Does All This Mean?:

    We pride ourself on being an online webcam community where everyone is getting thier fair share.

    You get the satisfaction of knowing you WILL make money, YOU WILL get paid on time, and you will have SUPPORT doing it! Click on the link below to get started today.

    Get Started Today!
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